4392008 Whirlpool Microwave Magnetron 587600

4392008 Whirlpool Microwave Magnetron 587600

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Item specifics

  • Model 587600
  • MPN 4392008
  • Type Magnetron
  • Power 3.8KV

Product Description

Model Reference List

Models: Whirlpool RM288PXS0 Whirlpool RM288PXP0 Whirlpool RM280PXBB3 Whirlpool RM280PXBQ3 Whirlpool RM288PXV1 Whirlpool RM988PXSW0 Whirlpool MT9160XEQ0 Whirlpool RM280PXBQ2 Whirlpool RM286PXV2 Whirlpool MW8650XS2 Whirlpool RM278PXL2 Whirlpool RM280PXAB0 Whirlpool RM280PXAB1 Whirlpool RM280PXBB2 Whirlpool RM278BXS0 Whirlpool RM280PXBB0 Whirlpool RM280PXBB1 Whirlpool RM288PXV6 Whirlpool RM765PXBB2 Whirlpool MT9160XBB0 Whirlpool RM280PXBQ0 Whirlpool RM288PXV5 Whirlpool TF4500XLP0 Whirlpool MT9160XBQ0 Whirlpool RM770PXAB0 Whirlpool RM778PXT2 Whirlpool SM988PESW1 Whirlpool MW8650XS0 Whirlpool RM275PXL2 Whirlpool RM278BXP0 Whirlpool RM278BXV0 Whirlpool RM278BXV3 Whirlpool RM286PXV1 Whirlpool RM286PXV3 Whirlpool RM288PXS9 Whirlpool RM288PXV0 Whirlpool RM765PXBB0 Whirlpool RM770PXBB0 Whirlpool RM978BXSW0 Whirlpool RM988PXPW0 Whirlpool RM988PXVW2 Whirlpool SM988PESW0 Whirlpool MT5120XAQ0 Whirlpool MW8650XR0 Whirlpool MW8650XS7 Whirlpool MW8700XR0 Whirlpool RM275PXL0 Whirlpool RM278BXP1 Whirlpool RM286PXV0 Whirlpool RM288PXV3 Whirlpool RM288PXV7 Whirlpool RM770PXBQ1 Whirlpool RM778PXT3 Whirlpool RM778PXT5 Whirlpool RM978BXPW1 Whirlpool RM988PXPW1 Whirlpool MB7120XYB0 Whirlpool MT6120XBB0 Whirlpool MT6120XEQ0 Whirlpool MT6120XYQ1 Whirlpool MT9160XEB0 Whirlpool MW3600XS0 Whirlpool MW8100XP0 Whirlpool MW8500XS2 Whirlpool MW8550XS2 Whirlpool MW8650XS5 Whirlpool MW8901XS0 Whirlpool RM235PXL2 Whirlpool RM255PXP0 Whirlpool RM278BXV1 Whirlpool RM278BXV4 Whirlpool RM278BXV5 Whirlpool RM278BXV6 Whirlpool RM278PXL0 Whirlpool RM280PXAQ1 Whirlpool RM288PXP1 Whirlpool RM770PXBB2 Whirlpool RM770PXBQ0 Whirlpool RM770PXBQ2 Whirlpool RM778PXT1 Whirlpool RM778PXXB0 Whirlpool RM778PXXB1 Whirlpool RM955PXLW0 Whirlpool RM973PXLT0 Whirlpool RM978BXPW0 Whirlpool RM988PXVN0 Whirlpool RM988PXVW1 Whirlpool SM988PEPW1 Whirlpool CMT135SGW0 Whirlpool MB7120XYB1 Whirlpool MT6120XBQ0 Whirlpool MT6120XEB0 Whirlpool MT6120XYB0 Whirlpool MT6120XYB1 Whirlpool MT6120XYB2 Whirlpool MT6120XYQ0 Whirlpool MT6120XYQ2 Whirlpool MT6125XBB0 Whirlpool MT6125XBQ0 Whirlpool MT6900XW0 Whirlpool MT6900XW1 Whirlpool MT6901XW0 Whirlpool MT6901XW1 Whirlpool MT9160XYB0 Whirlpool MT9160XYB1 Whirlpool MT9160XYB2 Whirlpool MT9160XYQ0 Whirlpool MT9160XYQ1 Whirlpool MT9160XYQ2 Whirlpool MW3200XS0 Whirlpool MW3500XS0 Whirlpool MW3601XS0 Whirlpool MW8100XL0 Whirlpool MW8100XL2 Whirlpool MW8100XR0 Whirlpool MW8200XL0 Whirlpool MW8200XL2 Whirlpool MW8200XP0 Whirlpool MW8200XR0 Whirlpool MW8300XL0 Whirlpool MW8300XL2 Whirlpool MW8300XP0 Whirlpool MW830EXP0 Whirlpool MW8400XL0 Whirlpool MW8400XL2 Whirlpool MW8400XR0 Whirlpool MW8400XS0 Whirlpool MW8400XS1 Whirlpool MW8400XS2 Whirlpool MW8400XW0 Whirlpool MW840EXR0 Whirlpool MW8450XL0 Whirlpool MW8450XL2 Whirlpool MW8450XP0 Whirlpool MW8500XP0 Whirlpool MW8500XR0 Whirlpool MW8500XR1 Whirlpool MW8500XS0 Whirlpool MW8500XS1 Whirlpool MW8500XS4 Whirlpool MW850EXP0 Whirlpool MW8520XL9 Whirlpool MW8520XP0 Whirlpool MW8550XL0 Whirlpool MW8550XL2 Whirlpool MW8550XS0 Whirlpool MW8550XS1 Whirlpool MW8550XS4 Whirlpool MW8550XS5 Whirlpool MW8570XR0 Whirlpool MW8570XR1 Whirlpool MW8580XL9 Whirlpool MW8580XP0 Whirlpool MW8600XL0 Whirlpool MW8600XL2 Whirlpool MW8600XR0 Whirlpool MW8600XS0 Whirlpool MW8600XS1 Whirlpool MW8600XS2 Whirlpool MW8650XL0 Whirlpool MW8650XL2 Whirlpool MW8650XS1 Whirlpool MW8650XS3 Whirlpool MW8650XS4 Whirlpool MW8650XS6 Whirlpool MW865EXR0 Whirlpool MW8700XL0 Whirlpool MW8700XL2 Whirlpool MW8700XS0 Whirlpool MW8700XS1 Whirlpool MW8700XS2 Whirlpool MW8750XL0 Whirlpool MW8750XL2 Whirlpool MW8750XP0 Whirlpool MW8800XR0 Whirlpool MW8800XS0 Whirlpool MW8800XS1 Whirlpool MW8800XS2 Whirlpool MW8800XS4 Whirlpool MW8900XS0 Whirlpool MW8900XS1 Whirlpool MW8900XS2 Whirlpool MW8900XS3 Whirlpool MW8900XS4 Whirlpool MW8900XS5 Whirlpool MW8900XS6 Whirlpool RM235PXL0 Whirlpool RM278BXV2 Whirlpool RM278BXV7 Whirlpool RM278PXP0 Whirlpool RM280PXAQ0 Whirlpool RM280PXBQ1 Whirlpool RM288PXV4 Whirlpool RM765PXAB0 Whirlpool RM765PXAB1 Whirlpool 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