59001166 Samsung Microwave High Voltage HV Capacitor N50H2188G34A3 0.88uF 2100VAC

59001166 Samsung Microwave High Voltage HV Capacitor N50H2188G34A3 0.88uF 2100VAC

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  • Model N50H2188G34A3
  • MPN 59001166
  • Features 0.88uF
  • Type High Voltage HV Capacitor
  • Terminals 3x3 Non Polar
  • Voltage 2100VAC
  • Terminal Width 0.25in. or 6.3mm

Product Description

Model Reference List

Models: Amana MVH220W Amana MVH220E Maytag CME9010CAB Amana MVH210E Amana RFS12SW2 Maytag CME9010CAE Amana RCS10MPS Amana MVH120E Amana MVH320L Amana MVH320W Amana RFS12SW2 Amana MVH110E Amana MVH210W Magic Chef VM11D-8P Amana 425 Maytag CME9010CAM Maytag CME9010DAB Amana MWT4461WW Magic Chef VM11EV-8P Amana 1570 Amana 445 Amana MVH200E1 Amana MVH320E Amana MWT4451D Magic Chef VM11A-8P Magic Chef VM11B-8P Magic Chef VM11BN-8P Amana 1880 Amana 2052 Amana 969 Hardwick CKG8421MW729RG Maytag CME9010AAB Maytag CME9010BAB Maytag CME9010BAE Amana HDC12 Jenn-Air M438B Magic Chef MOD65B Magic Chef MOD65WOW Amana MVH100E1 Amana MWT4441D Amana MWT4461D Amana RC20A Magic Chef VM11D-8P-DY Magic Chef VM11DN-8P Magic Chef VM11EB-8P Amana 1008 Amana 1009 Amana 1010 Amana 1011 Amana 1015 Amana 1018 Amana 1020 Amana 1020 Amana 1021 Amana 1022 Amana 1035 Amana 1041 Amana 1050 Amana 1050 Amana 1051 Amana 1290 Amana 1510 Amana 1520 Amana 1520 Amana 1521 Amana 1550 Amana 1551 Amana 1560 Amana 1560.001 Amana 1571 Amana 1580 Amana 1580 Amana 1585 Amana 1590.001 Amana 1608 Amana 1608.001 Amana 1608.002 Amana 1608.004 Amana 1618 Amana 1618.001 Amana 1618.002 Amana 1618.004 Amana 1639 Amana 1639.001 Amana 1639.002 Amana 1639.004 Amana 1720 Amana 1750 Amana 1870 Amana 1890 Amana 1908.004 Amana 1936.004 Amana 1951.004 Amana 1971.004 Amana 2008 Amana 2008.001 Amana 2008.002 Amana 2008.004 Amana 2008.1 Amana 2008.101 Amana 2008.102 Amana 2008.112 Amana 2009 Amana 2009.001 Amana 2009.002 Amana 2009.004 Amana 2018 Amana 2018.001 Amana 2018.002 Amana 2018.004 Amana 2022 Amana 2022.001 Amana 2022.002 Amana 2022.004 Amana 2036.001 Amana 2036.005 Amana 2036.104 Amana 2036.105 Amana 2039 Amana 2039.001 Amana 2039.002 Amana 2039.004 Amana 2052.001 Amana 2052.002 Amana 2052.004 Amana 2054 Amana 2054.001 Amana 2054.002 Amana 2054.004 Amana 2070 Amana 2070.001 Amana 2070.002 Amana 2070.004 Amana 2071.004 Amana 2072 Amana 2072.001 Amana 2072.002 Amana 2072.004 Amana 2074 Amana 2074.001 Amana 2074.002 Amana 2074.004 Magic Chef 22FA-6CKLXV8 Magic Chef 22FA-6KLXV8 Magic Chef 22FK-6KLXV8 Magic Chef 22FN-6CKLXV8 Magic Chef 22FN-6KLXV8 Magic Chef 22FY-6KLXV8 Magic Chef 22JA-7KLXV8 Magic Chef 22JK-7KLXV8 Magic Chef 22JN-7KLXV8 Magic Chef 22JY-7KLXV8 Magic Chef 22M-7KLXV8 Magic Chef 22MA-7KLXV8 Magic Chef 22MN-7KLXV8 Magic Chef 22MW-7KLXV8 Magic Chef 24FA-6CKXWV8 Magic Chef 24FA-6CKXWV8-DY Magic Chef 24FK-6CKXWV8 Magic Chef 24FK-6CKXWV8-DY Magic Chef 24FN-6CKXWV8 Magic Chef 24FN-6CKXWV8-DY Magic Chef 24FS-6CKXWV8 Magic Chef 24FS-6CKXWV8-DY Magic Chef 24FY-6CKXWV8 Magic Chef 24FY-6CKXWV8-DY Magic Chef 28FA-6CXWV8 Magic Chef 28FA-6CXWV8-94 Magic Chef 28FA-6CXWV8-DZ Magic Chef 28FA-7CVWV8-94 Magic Chef 28FA-7CXWV8 Magic Chef 28FA-7CXWV8-94 Magic Chef 28FA-7CXWV8-QM Magic Chef 28FG-7CXWV8 Magic Chef 28FK-6CXWV8 Magic Chef 28FK-6CXWV8-94 Magic Chef 28FK-6CXWV8-DZ Magic Chef 28FK-7CVWV8-94 Magic Chef 28FK-7CXWV8-QM Magic Chef 28FN-6CXWV8 Magic Chef 28FN-6CXWV8-94 Magic Chef 28FN-6CXWV8-DZ Magic Chef 28FN-7CVWV8-94 Magic Chef 28FN-7CXWV8 Magic Chef 28FN-7CXWV8-94 Magic Chef 28FN-7CXWV8-QM Magic Chef 28FS-6CXWV8 Magic Chef 28FS-6CXWV8-94 Magic Chef 28FS-6CXWV8-DZ Magic Chef 28FS-7CVWV8-94 Magic Chef 28FS-7CXWV8-QM Magic Chef 28FY-6CXWV8 Magic Chef 28FY-6CXWV8-94 Magic Chef 28FY-6CXWV8-DZ Magic Chef 28FY-7CVWV8-94 Magic Chef 28FY-7CXWV8-QM Amana 302.7 Amana 302.701 Amana 302.702 Amana 303 Amana 330.002 Amana 330.003 Amana 350.002 Amana 350.003 Amana 350.004 Amana 370 Amana 370.001 Amana 370.002 Amana 370.1 Amana 401 Amana 401.001 Amana 401.002 Amana 402 Amana 402.001 Amana 402.002 Amana 402.003 Amana 403.001 Amana 403.002 Amana 410 Amana 411 Amana 412 Amana 412.001 Amana 412.002 Amana 413 Amana 413.001 Amana 414 Amana 414.001 Amana 414.002 Amana 415 Amana 416 Amana 416.001 Amana 418 Amana 418.001 Amana 418.002 Amana 418.003 Amana 419 Amana 420.5 Amana 425 Amana 425.001 Amana 426 Amana 455 Amana 460 Amana 460.001 Amana 465 Amana 515 Amana 520 Amana 520.001 Amana 540 Amana 540.001 Amana 540.002 Amana 560 Amana 70/08.00 Amana 70/08.001 Amana 70/08.002 Amana 70/08.502 Amana 70/10.08 Amana 70/10.09 Amana 70/10.11 Amana 70/20.07 Amana 70/20.08 Amana 70/20.09 Amana 70/20.10 Amana 70/20.11 Amana 80/08.000 Amana 80/08.001 Amana 80/08.500 Amana 80/08.501 Amana 874 Amana 874.001 Amana 874.301 Amana 880.001 Amana 880.002 Amana 880.003 Amana 880.004 Amana 968 Amana 968.01 Amana 970 Amana 970.001 Amana 970.002 Amana 980 Amana 980.001 Amana 980.002 Amana 980.003 Amana 988 Amana 988.01 Amana 989 Hardwick CG8422MA729RG Hardwick CG8422MW729RG Hardwick CKG8421MA729RG Maytag CME900 Maytag CME901 Maytag CME9010AAE Maytag CME9010DAE Hardwick CPJ8441KA919D Hardwick CPJ8441KW919D Amana CRC21T2 Amana CRC21T2 Amana CRC21T2RL Amana CRC21T2RL Amana CRC518D Amana CRC518D Amana CRC518T2 Amana CRC518T2 Amana D1150.000 Amana D1200 Amana D1250 Amana D1270.000 Amana D1280.000 Amana DEC1800D Amana DEC1800D Amana DEC1800VP Amana DEC1800VP Amana DEC1800VP Amana EFS-6.000 Amana EFS-6.003 Amana EFS-6.004 Hardwick EPE861KA929A Hardwick EPE861KB929A Hardwick EPE861KW929A Amana FS20 Amana FS20EVP Amana HDC10 Amana HDC102 Amana HDC12 Amana HDC122 Amana K-1250.000 Amana K-1560.000 Amana K-420.500 Amana K-460.000 Amana K-460.001 Amana K-540.000 Amana K-540.001 Amana K-540.002 Amana K-560.000 Amana K-880.001 Amana K-880.002 Amana L-420.500 Amana L-720.000 Amana L-730.000 Amana L-760.000 Jenn-Air M400 Jenn-Air M406 Jenn-Air M417B Jenn-Air M418B Jenn-Air M418W Jenn-Air M420 Jenn-Air M426 Jenn-Air M437B Jenn-Air M437W Jenn-Air M438W Jenn-Air M446 Jenn-Air M457B Amana MC52200 Amana MC52200 Amana ME96T Amana ME96T Amana MMO166 Amana MMO166MN002 Amana MMO2661D Amana MMO2661D Amana MMO2661W Amana MMO2661W Amana MMO2671D01 Amana MMO2671WW01 Magic Chef MOD61AD Magic Chef MOD61WH Magic Chef MOD62AD Magic Chef MOD62WH Magic Chef MOD62WOW Magic Chef MOD64WOW Amana MPR21510 Amana MVH100E1 Amana MVH100E1 Amana MVH110E1 Amana MVH200E1 Amana MVH200E1 Amana MVH200W1 Amana MVH200W1 Amana MVH200W1 Amana MVH210E1 Amana MVH210W1 Amana MW96T Caloric MW96T Amana MWD366 Amana MWD366MN002 Amana MWR36510 Amana MWT4451D01 Caloric MWT4451WW Amana MWT4451WW01 Amana MWT4661D Amana MWT4661W Amana MWT4661W Amana MWT4661WW Amana MWT4661WW Amana MWT4661WW Amana MX1550.000 Amana RC27 Amana RC519MP Amana RC519MP Amana RCS10MPSED Amana RFS10S Amana RFS12MPS Amana RFS12MPS Amana RFS12S Amana RFS12S Magic Chef S28FA-7CXWV8 Magic Chef S28FK-7CXWV8 Magic Chef S28FN-7CXWV8 Magic Chef S28FS-7CXWV8 Magic Chef S28FY-7CXWV8 Amana SX1021.000 Amana SX1051.000 Amana T445.000 Magic Chef U24FA-6CKXWV8 Magic Chef U24FK-6CKXWV8 Magic Chef U24FN-6CKXWV8 Magic Chef U24FS-6CKXWV8 Magic Chef U24FY-6CKXWV8 Amana UC1800D Amana UC1800D Amana UC1800VP Menu Master UC1800VP Amana UC1800VP Amana UCRC518D Amana UCRC518D Amana UCRC518T2 Amana UCRC518T2 Amana UCRC518T2 Amana UFS-6.000 Amana UFS-6.003 Amana UFS-6.004 Magic Chef VM11B-8PDY Magic Chef VM9B-8

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