B57953-05 Amana Microwave Thermal Fuse G5AP0208 TF117C

B57953-05 Amana Microwave Thermal Fuse G5AP0208 TF117C

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Item specifics

  • Model G5AP0208
  • MPN B57953-05
  • Type Thermal Fuse
  • Power
  • Material Plastic
  • Terminal Width Width=0.25"

Product Description

Model Reference List

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Amana 8090.004 Amana 8094.004 Amana 8094.014 Amana 8094.015 Amana 8094.A05 Amana 874 Amana 874.001 Amana 874.301 Amana 874.302 Amana 874.304 Amana 874.305 Amana 890 Amana 890.001 Amana 890.301 Amana 890.302 Amana 890.304 Amana 894.304 Amana 894.307 Amana 896.A Amana AH2285.A Amana AU1430.000 Amana AU1450.000 Amana AU1475.000 Amana AU2075.A Amana AU2485.A Amana CRMC-20B Amana CRR-1225 Amana CRR-5B Amana CRR-7B Amana CRR-9TB Amana CRR1220 Amana CRRL-5C Amana CRRL-5D Amana CRRL-700 Amana CRRL-8TD Amana CRRL-8X Amana CRRL-8XA Amana CRRL-9TB Amana CRRL-9TC Amana CRRL1020 Amana CRRL920 Amana CRS30 Amana CRS40 Amana CRS414T Amana CRS415T Amana CRS457P Amana CRS458P Amana CRS470P Amana CRS471P Amana CRS50 Amana CRS60 Amana CRSB460P Amana CRSBG459P Amana CRSW458P Amana CRSW459P Amana CSNAC8LW Amana DCS11E Amana DECS11M Amana DEFS900I Amana DFS11E Amana DG3240 Amana DG3250 Amana EFS850D Amana EX2485.000 Amana EX2485.A Amana FBG623T Amana FE4170 Amana FE4171 Amana FG3240 Amana FG4180 Amana FG4181 Amana FS8 Amana FS8LW Amana FSP8LW Amana FW623T Menu Master GCSAND7DRR Menu Master GCSAND8LW Menu Master GSAND8LW Amana HSL2030 Amana HSL2050 Amana HSL2430 Amana HSL2450 Amana HSL3050 Amana HSL3450 Amana MH11BMP Whirlpool MH6600XM0 Whirlpool MH6700XM1 Amana MM659E Amana MM659W Amana MPS218-10 Amana MPS219-10 Amana MPS225-10 Amana MPS22510 Amana MPS229-10 Amana MPS22910 Amana MVH-1020 Amana MVH-720 Amana MVH-920 Amana MW41 Amana MW42 Amana MW43 Amana MW56 Amana MW57 Amana MW58 Amana MW72 Amana NB1000 Amana NB160 Amana NB160A Amana OCS-5.000 Amana R310T Amana R311T Amana R321T Amana R340P Amana R341P Amana R350P Amana R351P Amana R360P Amana R361P Amana R370P Amana R371P Amana RBG322T Amana RBG322T1 Amana RBG358P Amana RBG635T Amana RC-6D Amana RC-6PB Amana RC514S Amana RC6PB Amana RCC1020 Amana RCR1020 Amana RCR720 Amana RCS1050MPB Amana RCS10C Amana RCS10DC Amana RCS10MPC Amana RCS10MPSC Amana RCS10PBD Amana RCS511 Amana RCS700 Amana RCS700DE Amana RCS710 Amana RCS710B Amana RCS720 Amana RCS720A Amana RCS720B Amana RCS720MP Amana RCS720SE Amana RCS810BL Amana RCS820BL Amana RCS820MPB Amana RCS820MPLW Amana RCS820MPS Amana RCS850MP Amana RCS850MPB Amana RFS10 Amana RFS10MP Amana RFS10MP2 Amana RFS10S Amana RFS10SE Amana RFS11BT Amana RFS11LW Amana RFS11LWT Amana RFS11MP2T Amana RFS11MPLW Amana RFS11MPLWT Amana RFS11SW2 Amana RFS11SW2T Amana RFS12MPS Amana RFS12S Amana RFS511 Amana RFS511MP Amana RFS511SW2 Amana RFS58MP Amana RFS59MP Amana RFS6 Amana RFS8 Amana RFS8B Amana RFS8MP Amana RFS8MPK Amana RFS8SE Amana RFS8SW Amana RFS8SW1 Amana RFS9B Amana RFS9MP Amana RFS9MP2 Amana RFS9MPH Amana RFS9MPK Amana RFS9MPLW Amana RG358P Amana RL-3 Amana RL322T Amana RL322T1 Amana RL358P Amana RL6-10 Amana RL6-1020 Amana RL6-1020ET Amana RL6-5 Amana RL6-5ET Amana RL635T Amana RMC-20B Amana RMC-20C Amana RMC-20C-ET Amana RMC-20C-ET6 Amana RO-1020 Amana RR-1000 Amana RR-1010 Amana RR-10A Amana RR-1110 Amana RR-1225 Amana RR-7B Amana RR-800 Amana RR-810 Amana RR-820 Amana RR-8B Amana RR-8T Amana RR-8TC Amana RR-900 Amana RR-910 Amana RR-9TA Amana RR-9TB Amana RR1020 Amana RR1220 Amana RR720 Amana RR920 Amana RRL-10C Amana RRL-10TD Amana RRL-10XA Amana RRL-5C Amana RRL-5D Amana RRL-7C Amana RRL-8T Amana RRL-8TC Amana RRL-8XA Amana RRL-9TA Amana RRL-9TB Amana RRL1020 Amana RRL820 Amana RRL920 Amana RS-7 Amana RS-7A Amana RS10 Amana RS20 Amana RS30 Amana RS40 Amana RS414T Amana RS415T Amana RS457P Amana RS458P Amana RS470 Amana RS471P Amana RS50 Amana RS511 Amana RS511A Amana RS511M Amana RS511MA Amana RS520 Amana RS520A1 Amana RS520B Amana RS520I Amana RS520W1 Amana RS55 Amana RS560 Amana RS560I Amana RS561W Amana RS571 Amana RS571B Amana RS571W Amana RS581B Amana RS581SS Amana RS581W Amana RS591B Amana RS591SS Amana RS591W Amana RS60 Amana RSB460P Amana RSB460P1 Amana RSBG459P Amana RSBG659P Amana RSW459P Amana RVS10 Amana RVS10A Amana RVS10B Amana RVS11BL Amana RVS7 Amana RW320T Amana RW321T Amana RW322T Amana RW322T1 Amana RW358P Amana RW622T Amana RWG321T Amana RWG322T Amana RWG322T1 Amana SA1430.000 Amana SA1475.000 Amana SA2285.A Amana SA2485.000 Amana SA2485.A Menu Master SAND8LW Amana SEFS65D Amana SNAC8LW Amana UCO-300.000 Amana UCO-300.001 Amana UCO-300.002 Amana UCO-300.004 Amana UFS850D Amana UFS900I Amana URCS511 Amana URS511 Amana URS511M Amana WM612 Amana WM614 Amana WM615 Amana WM712 Amana WM714 Amana WM715

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