59001168 Whirlpool Microwave High Voltage HV Capacitor 1.05uF 21CH10ES080T

59001168 Whirlpool Microwave High Voltage HV Capacitor 1.05uF 21CH10ES080T

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Item specifics

  • Model 21CH10ES080T
  • MPN 59001168
  • Features 1.05uF
  • Type High Voltage HV Capacitor
  • Voltage 2100VAC
  • Terminal Width 0.25in. or 6.3mm

Product Description

Model Reference List

Models: Admiral MA15C-10P Admiral MA15E-5 Admiral MA15F-10P Admiral MA15F-14T Admiral MA5C-3 Admiral MA5C-6 Admiral MEA5HW-1 Amana 1453.004 Amana 1462.004 Amana 1607 Amana 1607.001 Amana 1609 Amana 1609.001 Amana 1635 Amana 1635.001 Amana 1636 Amana 1636.001 Amana 1708 Amana 1708.001 Amana 1709 Amana 1709.001 Amana 1718 Amana 1718.001 Amana 1736 Amana 1736.001 Amana 1739 Amana 1739.001 Amana 1752 Amana 1752.001 Amana 2208.1 Amana 2208.A Amana 2210 Amana 2234 Amana 2236.1 Amana 2238 Amana 2240 Amana 2254 Amana 2274 Amana 2474 Amana 2476 Amana 2492 Amana 2494 Amana 2494.001 Amana 2494.C Amana 24940.A Amana 874.302 Amana 874.304 Amana 874.305 Amana 876A Amana 894.307 Amana 896.A Amana 896.B Amana 90/56EVP500 Amana 90/56EVP600 Amana ACM0860AB Amana ACM0860AC Amana ACM0860AS Amana ACM0860AW Amana ACM1120AB Amana ACM1120AB Amana ACM1120AS Amana ACM1120AW Amana ACM1120AW Amana ACM1420AB Amana ACM1420AW Amana ACM1460AB Amana ACM1460AC Amana ACM1460AW Amana ACM1580AB Amana ACM1580AB Amana ACM1580AC Amana ACM1580AC Amana ACM1580AS Amana ACM1580AS Amana ACM1580AW Amana ACM1580AW Amana ACM2160AB Amana ACM2160AC Amana ACM2160AS Amana ACM2160AW Amana ACO1520AB Amana ACO1520AB Amana ACO1520AC Amana ACO1520AW Amana ACO1520AW Amana ACO1560AB Amana ACO1560AC Amana ACO1560AS Amana ACO1560AW Amana ACO1860AB Amana ACO1860AB Amana ACO1860AC Amana ACO1860AC Amana ACO1860AS Amana ACO1860AS Amana ACO1860AW Amana ACO1860AW Amana AH12610.A Amana AH15610.A Amana AMV1162AAB Amana AMV1162AAQ Amana AMV1162AAS Amana AMV1162AAW Amana AMV4204AAB Amana AMV4204AAQ Amana AMV4204AAW Amana AMV5164AAB Amana AMV5164AAQ Amana AMV5164AAS Amana AMV5164AAW Amana AMV5164ACB Amana AMV5164ACS Amana AMV5164ACW Amana AMV5206AAB Amana AMV5206AAQ Amana AMV5206AAS Amana AMV5206AAW Amana AMV6177AAB Amana AMV6177AAQ Amana AMV6177AAS Amana AMV6177AAW Amana CRC18T2OG2 Amana CRMC-20B Amana CRS30 Amana CRS30 Amana CRS30 Amana CRS40 Amana CRS40 Amana CRS40 Amana CRS414T Amana CRS415T Amana CRS415T Amana CRS415T Amana CRS457P Amana CRS458P Amana CRS458P Amana CRS458P Amana CRS470P Amana CRS50 Amana CRS50 Amana CRS50 Amana CRS60 Amana CRSB460P Amana CRSB460P Amana CRSB460P Amana CRSBG459P Amana CRSBG459P Amana CRSBG459P Amana CRSBG459P Amana CRSW458P Amana CRSW458P Amana CRSW458P Amana CRSW459P Amana CRSW459P Amana CRSW459P Amana CRSW459P Amana DE1600D Amana DE1600D Amana DE1600I Amana DE1600I Amana DE3100I Amana DE3100ID Amana E3100I.000 Amana E3100I.A Amana E3100I.B Amana E3100I.C Amana EFS65D Amana EFS850D Amana EFS850D Amana EH23A1 Amana EUT1B1 Amana F1320E Amana F1320W Amana F1331E Amana F1331W Amana F1340E Amana F1340L Amana F1340W Amana F1361E Amana F1361W Amana F1560E Amana F1560L Amana F1560W Amana F1961C Amana F1961E Amana F1961L Amana F1961SS Amana F1961W Amana FS-7EVP.000 Amana FS-7EVP.003 Amana FS-7EVP.004 Amana FS-7EVP.902 Amana FS-7EVP.A Amana FS-7EVP.B Amana FS-7EVP.C Amana FS-7EVP.D Amana FS-7EVP.E Amana FS7-EVP.E Amana GSAND-7.A Amana GSNAC-7TP.A Amana HDC12A2 Amana HDC12P2 Amana HDC182 Amana HDC18SD2 Amana J3100I.500 Amana J3100I.600 Amana LC-14.001 Amana LC14EVP.000 Amana LD10 Amana LD10D Amana LD10D Amana LD10D2 Amana LD10MP Amana LD10MPS Amana LP24400.A Amana LP24400.B Amana LP24600.A Amana LP24600.B Amana M1020E Amana M1020W Amana M1031E Amana M1031W Amana MPS218-10 Amana MPS218-10 Amana MPS219-10 Amana MPS219-10 Amana MPS225-10 Amana MPS22510 Amana MPS22510 Amana MPS22510 Amana MPS229-10 Amana MPS229-10 Amana MPS229-10 Amana MPS22910 Amana MPS22910 Amana MPS22910 Amana MVH150E Amana MVH150E Amana MVH150W Amana MVH150W Amana MVH250C Amana MVH250C Amana MVH250E Amana MVH250E Amana MVH250L Amana MVH250W Amana MVH250W Amana MVH350C Amana MVH350C Amana MVH350E Amana MVH350E Amana MVH350L Amana MVH350SS Amana MVH350SS Amana MVH350W Amana MVH350W Amana MW41 Amana MW41 Amana MW42 Amana MW42 Amana MW43 Amana MW43 Amana MW56 Amana R320T Amana RCS810LW Amana RCS820LW Amana RMC-20B Amana RS20 Amana RS20 Amana RS30 Amana RS30 Amana RS30 Amana RS30 Amana RS40 Amana 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JMC9158AAB Jenn-Air JMC9158AAQ Jenn-Air JMC9158AAS Jenn-Air JMC9158AAW Jenn-Air JMV8196AAB Jenn-Air JMV8196AAQ Jenn-Air JMV8196AAS Jenn-Air JMV8196AAW Jenn-Air JMV8196ACB Jenn-Air JMV8196ACQ Jenn-Air JMV8196ACS Jenn-Air JMV8196ACW Jenn-Air JMV8208AAB Jenn-Air JMV8208AAQ Jenn-Air JMV8208AAS Jenn-Air JMV8208AAW Jenn-Air JMV8208ACB Jenn-Air JMV8208ACS Jenn-Air JMV8208ACW Jenn-Air M169B Jenn-Air M169W Magic Chef 77E-5CXWM9 Magic Chef 77EN-5CXWM9 Magic Chef CM46B-9P Magic Chef CM46B-9P-02 Magic Chef DM15K-15B Magic Chef DM15K-15B-N Magic Chef DM15KW-15B Magic Chef DM60 Magic Chef DM60B Magic Chef DM84KWB Magic Chef DM85D Magic Chef DM86D Magic Chef M15A-10P Magic Chef M15A-2 Magic Chef M15A-3B Magic Chef M15A-4 Magic Chef M15A-6P Magic Chef M15B-10P Magic Chef M15B-10P-W7 Magic Chef M15B-10P-X9 Magic Chef M15B-3B Magic Chef M15B-6 Magic Chef M15B-6P Magic Chef M15B-6P-S3 Magic Chef M15B-6P-W4 Magic Chef M15B-6P-X9 Magic Chef M15B-7P-W1 Magic Chef M15B-9P Magic Chef M15C-10-W9 Magic Chef 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MMC5086AAW Maytag MMV1153AAB Maytag MMV1153AAW Maytag MMV4184AAB Maytag MMV4184AAQ Maytag MMV4184AAW Maytag MMV4205AAB Maytag MMV4205AAQ Maytag MMV4205AAS Maytag MMV4205AAW Maytag MMV5156AAB Maytag MMV5156AAQ Maytag MMV5156AAS Maytag MMV5156AAW Maytag MMV5156ACB Maytag MMV5156ACQ Maytag MMV5156ACS Maytag MMV5156ACW Maytag MMV5165AAB Maytag MMV5165AAQ Maytag MMV5165AAS Maytag MMV5165AAW Maytag MMV5186AAB Maytag MMV5186AAQ Maytag MMV5186AAS Maytag MMV5186AAW Maytag MMV5186ACB Maytag MMV5186ACQ Maytag MMV5186ACS Maytag MMV5186ACW Maytag MMV5207AAB Maytag MMV5207AAQ Maytag MMV5207AAS Maytag MMV5207AAW Maytag MMV5207ACB Maytag MMV5207ACQ Maytag MMV5207ACS Maytag MMV5207ACW Maytag MMV6178AAB Maytag MMV6178AAQ Maytag MMV6178AAS Maytag MMV6178AAW Maytag UMC5200AAB Maytag UMC5200AAQ Maytag UMC5200AAS Maytag UMC5200AAW Maytag UMV1152AAB Maytag UMV1152AAQ Maytag UMV1152AAW Maytag UMV1152BAB Maytag UMV1152BAQ Maytag UMV1152BAS Maytag UMV1152BAW Norge DMN15H-14T Norge DMN15H-5 Norge MN15E-5 Norge MN15F-14T Norge MN15FN-14T

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