Your Information is Secure

To ensure the protection of your data, our checkout process is secure and PCI compliance. Our checkout options are powered by PayPal. For more information, please visit the following pages: If you decided to check out through PayPal, during the checkout process, you will be redirected to PayPal secure website where you can enter your credit card information. After completing payment, you will be returned to our website. You don’t have to sign in or create a PayPal account to complete your payment process.  All checkouts options are highly secured and monitored.

Unlike many other websites claims, We do not leave in denial and are honest to reality. No security system is 100% hacker safe. If fortune 500 companies can get hacked then we all are vulnerable as well. Our response to this serious threat is quite simple. We allow PayPal to take care of our payment processes and we do not see nor store customers’ personal information except ones that are necessary to conduct business, such as delivery address or contact information. This easy solution keeps our customers' credit cards information very safe.

In addition,  we give our customers free identity theft protection when they buy from our site. It comes at no extra charge and it is completely free. 

PayPal Acceptance Mark

QUALITY OF REFURBISHED. Why do we believe in refurbished and salvaging the parts? Our dedicated professionals are salvaging and refurbishing parts that perform as well as the new ones. We believe in the quality they provide and back them up with 90 days money-back guarantee and up to 12 months warranty on all of our inventory parts.
Click here to read more about CP's "Store Warranty".