134813600 Frigidaire Dryer Door Latch Lock NO Light Switch 131843100

134813600 Frigidaire Dryer Door Latch Lock NO Light Switch 131843100

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    Expected delivery date : 12/07/2023 - 12/19/2023

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Item specifics

  • Model 131843100
  • MPN 134813600
  • Features NO Light Switch
  • Type Door Latch Lock

Product Description

Normally Close Terminals Width: Terminal 1- 0.25" (F2), Terminal 2- N/A, Terminal 3- 0.25" (F2) Model Reference List

Models: Crosley CLCG500FW0 Electrolux EFDC317TIW0 Electrolux EFDE317TIW0 Electrolux EFDG317TIW0 Electrolux EFMC417SIW0 Electrolux EFMC517SIW0 Electrolux EFMC517STT0 Electrolux EFMC617SIW0 Electrolux EFMC617STT0 Electrolux EFME417SIW0 Electrolux EFME517SIW0 Electrolux EFME517STT0 Electrolux EFME617SIW0 Electrolux EFME617STT0 Electrolux EFMG417SIW0 Electrolux EFMG517SIW0 Electrolux EFMG517STT0 Electrolux EFMG617SIW0 Electrolux EFMG617STT0 Electrolux EIED50LIW0 Electrolux EIED50LIW1 Electrolux EIED50LIW2 Electrolux EIED55HIW0 Electrolux EIED5CHIW0 Electrolux EIGD55HIW0 Electrolux EIGD55HIW1 Electrolux EIGD55HIW2 Electrolux EIMED55IIW0 Electrolux EIMED55IIW1 Electrolux EIMED55IIW3 Electrolux EIMED60JIW0 Electrolux EIMED60JIW2 Electrolux EIMED60JIW3 Electrolux EIMED60JIW4 Electrolux EIMED60JIW5 Electrolux EIMED60JIW6 Electrolux EIMED6CJIW0 Electrolux EIMED6CJIW2 Electrolux EIMED6CJIW4 Electrolux EIMGD55IIW2 Electrolux EIMGD55IIW4 Electrolux EIMGD60JIW0 Electrolux EIMGD60JIW2 Electrolux EWED65HIW0 Electrolux EWGD65HIW0 Electrolux EWMED65HIW0 Electrolux EWMED6CHIW0 Electrolux EWMED70JIW0 Electrolux EWMED70JIW2 Electrolux EWMED70JIW4 Electrolux EWMED7CJIW0 Electrolux EWMED7CJIW4 Electrolux EWMGD65HIW0 Electrolux EWMGD65HIW1 Electrolux EWMGD65HIW2 Electrolux EWMGD70JIW0 Electrolux EWMGD70JIW3 Electrolux FFLE1011MW2 Electrolux FFLE2022MW2 Electrolux FFLE3911QW0 Electrolux FFLE39C1QW0 Electrolux FFLE4033QW0 Electrolux FFLE40C3QW0 Electrolux FFLG1011MW3 Electrolux FFLG2022MW2 Electrolux FFLG2022MW3 Electrolux FFLG3911QW0 Electrolux FFLG3911QW1 Electrolux FFLG4033QW0 Electrolux FFLG4033QW1 Electrolux SATF7000FS0 Electrolux SATF7000FS1 Electrolux SFLG3911RW0 Electrolux SFLG3911RW1 Electrolux SFLG4033RW0 Electrolux SFLG4033RW1 Electrolux STF7000FS0 Electrolux EFDC317TIW1 Electrolux EFDE317TIW1 Electrolux EFDG317TIW1 Electrolux EWMED7CJIW3 Frigidaire GLER331AS2 Frigidaire FDE336RES2 Frigidaire FDEB23RGS1 Frigidaire FEX831FS0 Frigidaire GLER331AS1 Frigidaire FDEB34RGS1 Frigidaire GLET1031FS0 Frigidaire FDGB23RGS1 Frigidaire FSE446RHS2 Frigidaire ATF7000ES1 Frigidaire FER311FS0 Frigidaire FDE436RES2 Frigidaire CER3600AS1 Frigidaire LTF7000ES0 Frigidaire FER231AS2 Frigidaire GLER331AS0 Frigidaire FDG336RES2 Frigidaire FDEB23RGS2 Frigidaire FSEB39RGS0 Frigidaire FGX831FS0 Frigidaire FSE446RHS0 Frigidaire ATF7000FS0 Frigidaire FER211AS2 Frigidaire FER231AS0 Frigidaire FLEB8200FS0 Frigidaire FDE216RES2 Frigidaire GDE336RHS0 Frigidaire FDGB34RGS1 Frigidaire GLGR331AS4 Frigidaire CGR3600AS3 Frigidaire FDE7970EW2 Frigidaire FER231AS1 Frigidaire GLGR331AS1 Frigidaire FDGB23RGS2 Frigidaire FSGB39RGS0 Frigidaire GLGR331AS2 Frigidaire FDG216RES0 Frigidaire FDG436RES2 Frigidaire FDGB34RGS2 Frigidaire FGR231AS3 Frigidaire GLGT1031FS0 Frigidaire FER211AS1 Frigidaire FSG446RHS0 Frigidaire GLGR331AS0 Frigidaire FGR211AS2 Frigidaire FGR231AS4 Frigidaire FLGB8200FS0 Frigidaire FSG346RHS0 Frigidaire GDE216RHS0 Frigidaire GLGR331AS3 Frigidaire ATFB7000ES1 Frigidaire FCGD3000ES0 Frigidaire FGR311FS0 Frigidaire FSE446RHS1 Frigidaire FSG446RHS4 Frigidaire ATFB7000ES0 Frigidaire FER211AS0 Frigidaire FER331AS0 Frigidaire FEZ831CFS0 Frigidaire FGR211AS1 Frigidaire FGR211AS4 Frigidaire FGR231AS0 Frigidaire FGR231AS1 Frigidaire CER3600AS0 Frigidaire CGR3600AS0 Frigidaire CGR3600AS2 Frigidaire FDEB34RGS2 Frigidaire FDER436RHS0 Frigidaire FDG8970EW2 Frigidaire FDGR436RHS0 Frigidaire FGR211AS0 Frigidaire FGR211AS3 Frigidaire FSG446RHS3 Frigidaire GLER331AQ1 Frigidaire GLER331AQ2 Frigidaire GLGQ221AS2 Frigidaire LFD301EW1 Frigidaire TDE336REW1 Frigidaire ATF7000FS1 Frigidaire ATF8000FS0 Frigidaire ATF8000FS1 Frigidaire ATF8000FS2 Frigidaire BAFW3577KW0 Frigidaire BAFW3577KW1 Frigidaire CARE1011MW0 Frigidaire CASE7073LW0 Frigidaire CEF140CES0 Frigidaire CFLE1011MW0 Frigidaire CFLE1011MW1 Frigidaire CFLE2022MW0 Frigidaire CFLE2022MW1 Frigidaire CFRE1001PW0 Frigidaire CGF140CES0 Frigidaire CGR3600AS1 Frigidaire CLCE500MW1 Frigidaire DAFW3577KW0 Frigidaire 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417.90032990 Kenmore / Sears 417.91102000 Kenmore / Sears 417.94132000 Kenmore / Sears 417.97812700 Kenmore / Sears 417.97812701 Kenmore / Sears 417.97812702 Kenmore / Sears 417.97812704 Kenmore / Sears 417.97822700 Kenmore / Sears 417.97822701 Kenmore / Sears 970.C8003200 Kenmore / Sears 970.C9003200 Kenmore / Sears 417.61712510 Kenmore / Sears 417.61712511 Kenmore / Sears 417.61722510 Kenmore / Sears 417.71712510 Kenmore / Sears 417.71712511 Kenmore / Sears 417.71722510 Kenmore / Sears 417.71722511 Kenmore / Sears 417.71723511 Kenmore / Sears 417.81100002 Kenmore / Sears 417.81100003 Kenmore / Sears 417.81102002 Kenmore / Sears 417.81102003 Kenmore / Sears 417.84132002 Kenmore / Sears 417.91100002 Kenmore / Sears 417.91102002 Kenmore / Sears 417.91102003 Kenmore / Sears 417.94132002 White Westinghouse WER211ES0 White Westinghouse WER111ES0 White Westinghouse WER211CES0 White Westinghouse SER341AS1 White Westinghouse WGR211ES0 White Westinghouse SER341AQ0 White Westinghouse SER341AQ1 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