316032411 Frigidaire Oven Range Control Switch Thermostat Assembly 1465761

316032411 Frigidaire Oven Range Control Switch Thermostat Assembly 1465761

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Item specifics

  • Model 1465761
  • MPN 316032411
  • Features Thermostat Assembly
  • Type Control Switch
  • Color Black
  • Power 6A
  • Material Plastic
  • Voltage 120VAC

Product Description

Model Reference List:

Models: Electrolux FFGF3005MQB Electrolux FFGF3005MQC Electrolux FFGF3005MQD Electrolux FFGF3005MQF Electrolux FFGF3005MWB Electrolux FFGF3005MWC Electrolux FFGF3005MWD Electrolux FFGF3005MWE Electrolux FFGF3005MWF Frigidaire FGF316DSA Frigidaire FGF316ASA Frigidaire FGFB33WHSA Frigidaire FGF316DSD Frigidaire FGF316ASB Frigidaire FGF316WGSF Frigidaire FGF316BSA Frigidaire FGF316BSB Frigidaire FGF334BGWG Frigidaire FGF334BGWJ Frigidaire 30-2251-00-07 Frigidaire FGF316WGSC Frigidaire TGF336BHWD Frigidaire TGF336BHWC Frigidaire FGF316WGSK Frigidaire MGF324BEWB Frigidaire 30-2272-23-05 Frigidaire 30-3053-00-02 Frigidaire FGF316DQA Frigidaire FGF335CGSG Frigidaire MGF303PGWA Frigidaire MGF334BGWA Frigidaire TGF334BCWH Frigidaire 30-2272-00-01 Frigidaire 30-3352-23-03 Frigidaire FGF316DSE Frigidaire FGF316WGSA Frigidaire FGF324BHWA Frigidaire TGF336BHDC Frigidaire 30-2251-00-05 Frigidaire FGF316WGSJ Frigidaire FGF324WHSA Frigidaire FGF334BGWA Frigidaire FGF334BGWD Frigidaire 30-1149-00-10 Frigidaire 30-3152-00-02 Frigidaire 30-3352-23-04 Frigidaire FGF326WGTD Frigidaire FGF334BGDG Frigidaire FGF334BGWC Frigidaire FGF334BGWF Frigidaire GF740ND2 Frigidaire GGF333BFWB Frigidaire MGF300PBWA Frigidaire MGF345BBWA Frigidaire TGF336CHSA Frigidaire 30-2232-23-01 Frigidaire 30-2239-23-07 Frigidaire 30-2242-23-01 Frigidaire 30-2249-23-04 Frigidaire 30-2272-00-03 Frigidaire 30-2272-23-03 Frigidaire 30-2549-23-04 Frigidaire 30-3053-00-01 Frigidaire 30-3352-23-01 Frigidaire FGF316DSB Frigidaire FGF316WGTF Frigidaire FGF326WGSF Frigidaire FGF333SADA Frigidaire FGF334BGDJ Frigidaire FGF335CGSJ Frigidaire MGF316WGSF Frigidaire MGF326WGSA Frigidaire MGF334BGWD Frigidaire TGF334BCDE Frigidaire TGF334BCDG Frigidaire TGF336BHDA Frigidaire TGF336BHWB Frigidaire 30-2132-23-03 Frigidaire 30-2232-00-01 Frigidaire 30-2239-00-04 Frigidaire 30-2251-00-10 Frigidaire 30-2251-23-02 Frigidaire 30-2272-23/07 Frigidaire 30-3053-00-03 Frigidaire 30-3152-23-02 Frigidaire 30-3349-23-04 Frigidaire 32-1039-23-04 Frigidaire CGC4C6WXE Frigidaire FGF316BSC Frigidaire FGF316DSC Frigidaire FGF316WGTA Frigidaire FGF324BHWC Frigidaire FGF334BGDC Frigidaire FGF334BGDD Frigidaire FGF335CGSA Frigidaire FGF335CGSE Frigidaire GF830ND5 Frigidaire MGF300PBDG Frigidaire MGF316WFSC Frigidaire MGF316WGSK Frigidaire MGF334BGDA Frigidaire MGF334BGDD Frigidaire MGF334WGSA Frigidaire TGF332BCWD Frigidaire TGF334BCWB Frigidaire TGF334BCWE Frigidaire TGF336BHWA Frigidaire TGF336CHSC Frigidaire TGF336CHSD Frigidaire WGF325BAWA Frigidaire 30-1149-00-12 Frigidaire 30-2132-00-03 Frigidaire 30-2132-23-01 Frigidaire 30-2139-00-04 Frigidaire 30-2232-00-03 Frigidaire 30-2239-00-05 Frigidaire 30-2239-00-07 Frigidaire 30-2239-23-04 Frigidaire 30-2241-00-01 Frigidaire 30-2241-00-07 Frigidaire 30-2241-23-05 Frigidaire 30-2241-23-06 Frigidaire 30-2242-00-01 Frigidaire 30-2242-00-03 Frigidaire 30-2249-00-04 Frigidaire 30-2249-23-05 Frigidaire 30-2251-00-08 Frigidaire 30-2251-23-03 Frigidaire 30-2251-23-05 Frigidaire 30-2251-23-06 Frigidaire 30-2251-23-07 Frigidaire 30-2262-23-01 Frigidaire 30-2272-00/07 Frigidaire 30-2272-23-02 Frigidaire 30-2549-23-07 Frigidaire 30-2551-00-04 Frigidaire 30-3152-00-01 Frigidaire 30-3342-23-02 Frigidaire 30-3349-23-05 Frigidaire 30-3352-00-01 Frigidaire 30-3352-00-02 Frigidaire 30-3352-00-03 Frigidaire 30-3352-23-02 Frigidaire 30-3352-23-05 Frigidaire 30-3649-23-04 Frigidaire 32-1019-00-09 Frigidaire 32-1039-23-09 Frigidaire 32-2642-00-01 Frigidaire FGF312ASA Frigidaire FGF316AQA Frigidaire FGF316BQB Frigidaire FGF316WGSD Frigidaire FGF324BHDA Frigidaire FGF324BHDB Frigidaire FGF333BADA Frigidaire FGF333BADE Frigidaire FGF333BAWA Frigidaire FGF334BGWE Frigidaire FGF335CGSF Frigidaire FGF335CGSK Frigidaire GF670RXW3 Frigidaire GGF322BBDB Frigidaire GGF325BBWB Frigidaire MGF300PBDC Frigidaire MGF300PBDD Frigidaire MGF300PBWB Frigidaire MGF300PBWE Frigidaire MGF300PBWG Frigidaire MGF303PGWG Frigidaire MGF303PGWH Frigidaire MGF303PGWL Frigidaire MGF316WFSA Frigidaire MGF316WFTC Frigidaire MGF316WGSA Frigidaire MGF316WGSC Frigidaire MGF316WGSD Frigidaire MGF316WGSG Frigidaire MGF322BBDB Frigidaire MGF322BBWB Frigidaire MGF322BBWD Frigidaire MGF324BEWA Frigidaire MGF324BEWC Frigidaire MGF324BGDA Frigidaire MGF324BGWA Frigidaire MGF324BGWF Frigidaire MGF324SEDA Frigidaire MGF324WGSA Frigidaire MGF331BFWA Frigidaire MGF333SEWC Frigidaire MGF334BGWB Frigidaire MGF334WGSD Frigidaire MGF345BBWD Frigidaire MGF345BGWE Frigidaire MGF345BGWF Frigidaire TGF303BWD Frigidaire TGF324BHWA Frigidaire TGF330WCWC Frigidaire TGF332BCWC Frigidaire TGF334BCWA Frigidaire TGF334BCWG Frigidaire TGF335BCDE Frigidaire TGF336BHDB Frigidaire WGF323BADA Frigidaire WGF323BAWB Frigidaire WGF325BADB Frigidaire 2343-87A Frigidaire 28044 Frigidaire 280440C Frigidaire 280447C Frigidaire 2813-80B Frigidaire 2813A Frigidaire 282240A Frigidaire 282240B Frigidaire 282240C Frigidaire 282247B Frigidaire 282247C Frigidaire 2823 Frigidaire 2823-80B Frigidaire 2833 Frigidaire 2833-80B 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Frigidaire 30-2249-00-06 Frigidaire 30-2249-00-07 Frigidaire 30-2249-23-06 Frigidaire 30-2249-23-07 Frigidaire 30-2251-00-01 Frigidaire 30-2251-00-02 Frigidaire 30-2251-00-03 Frigidaire 30-2251-00-04 Frigidaire 30-2251-00-06 Frigidaire 30-2251-00-09 Frigidaire 30-2251-00-11 Frigidaire 30-2251-23-01 Frigidaire 30-2251-23-04 Frigidaire 30-2251-23-08 Frigidaire 30-2251-23-09 Frigidaire 30-2251-23-10 Frigidaire 30-2251-23-11 Frigidaire 30-2252-00-01 Frigidaire 30-2252-00-02 Frigidaire 30-2252-00-03 Frigidaire 30-2262-23-02 Frigidaire 30-2272-00-02 Frigidaire 30-2272-00-04 Frigidaire 30-2272-00-05 Frigidaire 30-2272-00-06 Frigidaire 30-2272-23-01 Frigidaire 30-2272-23-04 Frigidaire 30-2272-23-06 Frigidaire 30-2542-00-01 Frigidaire 30-2542-00-02 Frigidaire 30-2542-00-03 Frigidaire 30-2542-23-01 Frigidaire 30-2542-23-02 Frigidaire 30-2542-23-03 Frigidaire 30-2549-00-04 Frigidaire 30-2549-00-05 Frigidaire 30-2549-00-06 Frigidaire 30-2549-00-07 Frigidaire 30-2549-23-05 Frigidaire 30-2549-23-06 Frigidaire 30-2551-00-01 Frigidaire 30-2551-00-02 Frigidaire 30-2551-00-03 Frigidaire 30-2551-23-01 Frigidaire 30-2551-23-02 Frigidaire 30-2551-23-03 Frigidaire 30-2551-23-04 Frigidaire 30-2552-00-01 Frigidaire 30-2552-00-02 Frigidaire 30-2552-23-01 Frigidaire 30-2552-23-02 Frigidaire 30-3053-00-04 Frigidaire 30-3053-23-01 Frigidaire 30-3053-23-02 Frigidaire 30-3053-23-03 Frigidaire 30-3053-23-04 Frigidaire 30-3152-00-03 Frigidaire 30-3152-00-04 Frigidaire 30-3152-23-01 Frigidaire 30-3152-23-03 Frigidaire 30-3152-23-04 Frigidaire 30-3341-00-01 Frigidaire 30-3341-00-02 Frigidaire 30-3341-00-03 Frigidaire 30-3341-00-04 Frigidaire 30-3341-23-01 Frigidaire 30-3341-23-02 Frigidaire 30-3341-23-03 Frigidaire 30-3341-23-04 Frigidaire 30-3342-00-01 Frigidaire 30-3342-00-02 Frigidaire 30-3342-23-01 Frigidaire 30-3349-00-04 Frigidaire 30-3349-00-05 Frigidaire 30-3352-00-04 Frigidaire 30-3352-00-05 Frigidaire 30-3649-00-04 Frigidaire 30-3649-00-05 Frigidaire 30-3649-00-06 Frigidaire 30-3649-00-07 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Frigidaire CGC4M6DXH Frigidaire CGC4M6DXJ Frigidaire CGC4M6WXC Frigidaire CGC4M6WXD Frigidaire CGC4M6WXE Frigidaire CGC4M6WXF Frigidaire CGC4M6WXG Frigidaire CGC4M6WXH Frigidaire CGC4M6WXJ Frigidaire CP302BP2D1 Frigidaire CP302BP2D2 Frigidaire CP302BP2D3 Frigidaire CP302BP2W1 Frigidaire CP302BP2W2 Frigidaire CP302BP2W3 Frigidaire CP302BP2WJ01 Frigidaire CP302BP2WW01 Frigidaire CP302BP2WY01 Frigidaire CP302BP2Y1 Frigidaire CP303VC3D1 Frigidaire CP303VC3D2 Frigidaire CP303VC3W1 Frigidaire CP303VC3W2 Frigidaire CP303VP2D01 Frigidaire CP303VP2D1 Frigidaire CP303VP2D3 Frigidaire CP303VP2D4 Frigidaire CP303VP2J01 Frigidaire CP303VP2W01 Frigidaire CP303VP2W1 Frigidaire CP303VP2W3 Frigidaire CP303VP2W4 Frigidaire CP303VP2Y1 Frigidaire CP305WP2W1 Frigidaire CP305WP2W2 Frigidaire CRG3120PWA Frigidaire FFGF3000MWA Frigidaire FFGF3005MQA Frigidaire FFGF3005MWA Frigidaire FGF303BWA Frigidaire FGF303CWA Frigidaire FGF303CWB Frigidaire FGF303CWC Frigidaire FGF303CWD Frigidaire FGF303CWF Frigidaire FGF303CWG Frigidaire FGF303CWH Frigidaire FGF303KWA Frigidaire FGF303LWA Frigidaire FGF303LWB Frigidaire FGF311PHSD Frigidaire FGF311PHSE Frigidaire FGF312BSA Frigidaire FGF312BSB Frigidaire FGF312DSA Frigidaire FGF313BADA Frigidaire FGF313BAWA Frigidaire FGF316AQB Frigidaire FGF316BQA Frigidaire FGF316BQC Frigidaire FGF316BQD Frigidaire FGF316BSE Frigidaire FGF316DQB Frigidaire FGF316DQC Frigidaire FGF316DQD Frigidaire FGF316DQE Frigidaire FGF316DQF Frigidaire FGF316DQG Frigidaire FGF316DQH Frigidaire FGF316DQX Frigidaire FGF316DSF Frigidaire FGF316DSG Frigidaire FGF316DSH Frigidaire FGF316DSJ Frigidaire FGF316WGSE Frigidaire FGF316WGSG Frigidaire FGF316WGSH Frigidaire FGF316WGTC Frigidaire FGF316WGTD Frigidaire FGF316WGTE Frigidaire FGF316WGTG Frigidaire FGF316WGTH Frigidaire FGF318ECA Frigidaire FGF318ECB Frigidaire FGF318ECC Frigidaire FGF318ECD Frigidaire FGF324BHDC Frigidaire FGF324BHWB Frigidaire FGF324BHWD Frigidaire FGF324WHSB Frigidaire FGF324WHSC Frigidaire FGF324WHSD Frigidaire FGF326WGSA Frigidaire FGF326WGSD Frigidaire FGF326WGSE Frigidaire FGF326WGSG Frigidaire FGF326WGSGTH Frigidaire FGF326WGSH Frigidaire FGF326WGSJ Frigidaire FGF326WGTA Frigidaire FGF326WGTE Frigidaire FGF326WGTF Frigidaire FGF326WGTG Frigidaire FGF326WGTH Frigidaire FGF332BBDA Frigidaire FGF332BBDB Frigidaire FGF332BBDC Frigidaire FGF332BBWA Frigidaire FGF332BBWB Frigidaire FGF332BBWC Frigidaire FGF333BADB Frigidaire FGF333BADC Frigidaire FGF333BADD Frigidaire FGF333BADF Frigidaire FGF333BADG Frigidaire FGF333BADH Frigidaire FGF333BAWB Frigidaire FGF333BAWC Frigidaire FGF333BAWD Frigidaire FGF333BAWE Frigidaire FGF333BAWF Frigidaire FGF333BAWG Frigidaire FGF333BAWH Frigidaire FGF333SADB Frigidaire FGF333SADC Frigidaire FGF333SADD Frigidaire FGF333SADE Frigidaire FGF333SADF Frigidaire FGF333SADG Frigidaire FGF333SADH Frigidaire FGF333SADJ Frigidaire FGF333SAWA Frigidaire FGF333SAWB Frigidaire FGF333SAWC Frigidaire FGF333SAWD Frigidaire FGF333SAWE Frigidaire FGF333SAWF Frigidaire FGF333SAWG Frigidaire FGF333SAWH Frigidaire FGF333SAWJ Frigidaire FGF334BGDA Frigidaire FGF334BGDE Frigidaire FGF334BGDF Frigidaire FGF335BEWA Frigidaire FGF335BEWB Frigidaire FGF335CESA Frigidaire FGF335CESB Frigidaire FGF335CFSA Frigidaire FGF335CFSB Frigidaire FGF335CFTA Frigidaire FGF335CFTB Frigidaire FGF335CGSB Frigidaire FGF335CGSD Frigidaire FGF335CGTA Frigidaire FGF335CGTB Frigidaire FGF335CGTD Frigidaire FGF335CGTE Frigidaire FGF335CGTF Frigidaire FGF335CGTG Frigidaire FGF335CGTJ Frigidaire FGF343BADA Frigidaire FGF343BADB Frigidaire FGF343BAWA Frigidaire FGF343BAWB Frigidaire FGF345BHWA Frigidaire FGF345BHWB Frigidaire FGF345BHWC Frigidaire FGFB33WHSB Frigidaire FGFB33WHSC Frigidaire FLF316AQA Frigidaire FLF316AQB Frigidaire FLF316ASA Frigidaire FLF316ASB Frigidaire FLF316CQA Frigidaire FLF316CQB Frigidaire FLF316CQC Frigidaire FLF316CSA Frigidaire FLF316CSB Frigidaire FLF316CSC Frigidaire FLF316DQA Frigidaire FLF316DQB Frigidaire FLF316DQC Frigidaire FLF316DQD Frigidaire FLF316DQE Frigidaire FLF316DQF Frigidaire FLF316DSA Frigidaire FLF316DSB Frigidaire FLF316DSC Frigidaire FLF316DSD Frigidaire FLF316DSE Frigidaire FLF316DSF Frigidaire FLF316WHSA Frigidaire FLF316WHSB Frigidaire FLF316WHSC Frigidaire FLF316WHTA Frigidaire FLF316WHTB Frigidaire FLF316WHTC Frigidaire FLF334BGDA Frigidaire FLF334BGDD Frigidaire FLF334BGDE Frigidaire FLF334BGDF Frigidaire FLF334BGDG Frigidaire FLF334BGDH Frigidaire FLF334BGWA Frigidaire FLF334BGWD Frigidaire FLF334BGWE Frigidaire FLF334BGWF Frigidaire FLF334BGWG Frigidaire FLF334BGWH Frigidaire FLF335CHSA Frigidaire FLF335CHSB Frigidaire FLF335CHSC Frigidaire FLF335CHTA Frigidaire FLF335CHTB Frigidaire G30NL3 Frigidaire G30NL4 Frigidaire G30NL5 Frigidaire G30NL6 Frigidaire G30NL7 Frigidaire G30NW3 Frigidaire G30NW4 Frigidaire G30NW5 Frigidaire G30NW6 Frigidaire G30NW7 Frigidaire G32BNL3 Frigidaire G32BNL4 Frigidaire G32BNL5 Frigidaire G32BNW3 Frigidaire G32BNW4 Frigidaire G32BNW5 Frigidaire GCG34BNL3 Frigidaire 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Frigidaire GF720ND3 Frigidaire GF720ND4 Frigidaire GF720ND5 Frigidaire GF720ND6 Frigidaire GF720ND7 Frigidaire GF720NW2 Frigidaire GF720NW3 Frigidaire GF720NW4 Frigidaire GF720NW5 Frigidaire GF720NW6 Frigidaire GF720NW7 Frigidaire GF730RXD1 Frigidaire GF730RXD2 Frigidaire GF730RXW1 Frigidaire GF730RXW2 Frigidaire GF740ND3 Frigidaire GF740ND4 Frigidaire GF740ND5 Frigidaire GF740ND6 Frigidaire GF740ND7 Frigidaire GF740NW2 Frigidaire GF740NW3 Frigidaire GF740NW4 Frigidaire GF740NW5 Frigidaire GF740NW6 Frigidaire GF740NW7 Frigidaire GF830ND2 Frigidaire GF830ND3 Frigidaire GF830ND4 Frigidaire GF830NW2 Frigidaire GF830NW3 Frigidaire GF830NW4 Frigidaire GF830NW5 Frigidaire GG32NL3 Frigidaire GG32NW3 Frigidaire GG34BNL4 Frigidaire GG34BNW4 Frigidaire GGF312SADB Frigidaire GGF312SAWB Frigidaire GGF314BADA Frigidaire GGF314BADB Frigidaire GGF314BAWA Frigidaire GGF314BAWB Frigidaire GGF322BBDA Frigidaire GGF322BBDC Frigidaire GGF322BBDD Frigidaire GGF322BBDE Frigidaire GGF322BBWA Frigidaire 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316032404, 5303271464, 5303272103, 72200140001 Click Here to Search Equivalent Replacement

154323501 Frigidaire Dishwasher Relay 154192701


154380001 Frigidaire Dishwasher Relay 890337


00165242 Bosch Dishwasher Control Switch Power On-..


00165279 Bosch Dishwasher Turbidity Sensor Thermis..


00165313 Bosch Dishwasher Dish Rack Upper Roller A..


00165314 Bosch Dishwasher Dish Rack Lower Wheel As..