316280701 Frigidaire Oven Range Heating Element Cooktop Surface 1196984

316280701 Frigidaire Oven Range Heating Element Cooktop Surface 1196984

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Item specifics

  • Model 1196984
  • MPN 316280701
  • Features Cooktop Surface
  • Type Heating Element
  • Power 4400W
  • Voltage 240VAC

Product Description

Model Reference List:

Models: Electrolux CGEF3059RFA Electrolux CPEF3077QFA Electrolux CPEF3077QFB Electrolux CPEF3081MFF Electrolux FPEF3077QFA Electrolux FPEF3077QFB Electrolux FPEF3077QFC Electrolux FPEF3081MFF Frigidaire PLEF398CCD Frigidaire PLEF398CCC Frigidaire PLEF398ACA Frigidaire PLEF398ACA Frigidaire PLEFM399DCD Frigidaire FEFL89CCB Frigidaire FEFL88ACA Frigidaire GLEF396CSD Frigidaire PLEFM399DCB Frigidaire PLEFMZ99ECJ Frigidaire LEEFM389FEB Frigidaire PLEF398CCA Frigidaire PLEF398CCB Frigidaire FEFL88ACC Frigidaire GSE3WZCCB Frigidaire PLEFMZ99ECC Frigidaire PLEFMZ99ECE Frigidaire PLEFMZ99ECF Frigidaire FEFB89ECD Frigidaire GLEF396ASA Frigidaire GLEF396ASA Frigidaire GLEF396CSB Frigidaire GSE3WZCSD Frigidaire FEFL89CCA Frigidaire GSE3WZCBC Frigidaire GSE3WZCCC Frigidaire GSE3WZCQD Frigidaire PLEFMZ99ECA Frigidaire FEF387XECA Frigidaire FEFB89ECA Frigidaire FEFL88ACB Frigidaire FEFL88ASA Frigidaire FEFL88ASC Frigidaire GLEF396ABA Frigidaire GLEF396ABA Frigidaire GLEF396AQA Frigidaire GLEF396AQA Frigidaire GLEF396AQC Frigidaire GLEF396CQB Frigidaire GLEF396CSA Frigidaire GSE3WZCBB Frigidaire GSE3WZCQB Frigidaire PLEFM399DCA Frigidaire CGEF3059RFB Frigidaire CGEF308TNF1 Frigidaire CGEF308TNF2 Frigidaire CPCF3091LFA Frigidaire CPCF3091LFB Frigidaire CPCF3091LFC Frigidaire CPCF3091LFD Frigidaire CPEF3077QFD Frigidaire CPEF3081KFA Frigidaire CPEF3081KFB Frigidaire CPEF3081KFC Frigidaire CPEF3081KFD Frigidaire CPEF3081KFE Frigidaire CPEF3081KFF Frigidaire CPEF3081MFA Frigidaire CPEF3081MFC Frigidaire CPEF3081MFD Frigidaire CPLEFM99ECA Frigidaire CPLEFM99ECC Frigidaire CPLEFM99ECD Frigidaire CPLEFM99ECG Frigidaire CPLEFM99ECH Frigidaire CPLEFM99ECJ Frigidaire CPLEFM99ECK Frigidaire CPLEFMZ9ECA Frigidaire CPLEFMZ9GCA Frigidaire CPLEFMZ9GCD Frigidaire CPLEFMZ9GCE Frigidaire CPLEFMZ9GCF Frigidaire CPLEFMZ9GCG Frigidaire FEF387XECB Frigidaire FEFB89ECB Frigidaire FEFB89ECC Frigidaire FEFB89ECE Frigidaire FEFB89ECF Frigidaire FEFB89ECG Frigidaire FEFBZ90GCC Frigidaire FEFBZ90GCD Frigidaire FEFL88ABA Frigidaire FEFL88ABB Frigidaire FEFL88ABC Frigidaire FEFL88ASB Frigidaire FEFLMC55HCA Frigidaire FEFLMC55HCC Frigidaire FEFLMC55HCE Frigidaire FGEF308TNFA Frigidaire FGEF308TNFB Frigidaire FPCF3091LFA Frigidaire FPCF3091LFB Frigidaire FPCF3091LFC Frigidaire FPCF3091LFD Frigidaire FPEF3077QFD Frigidaire FPEF3081KFA Frigidaire FPEF3081KFB Frigidaire FPEF3081KFC Frigidaire FPEF3081KFD Frigidaire FPEF3081KFE Frigidaire FPEF3081KFF Frigidaire FPEF3081KFG Frigidaire FPEF3081MFA Frigidaire FPEF3081MFB Frigidaire FPEF3081MFC Frigidaire FPEF3081MFD Frigidaire GLEF396ABB Frigidaire GLEF396ABB Frigidaire GLEF396ABC Frigidaire GLEF396AQB Frigidaire GLEF396AQB Frigidaire GLEF396AQD Frigidaire GLEF396ASB Frigidaire GLEF396ASB Frigidaire GLEF396ASC Frigidaire GLEF396ASD Frigidaire GLEF396CQA Frigidaire GLEF396CQC Frigidaire GLEF396CQD Frigidaire GLEF396CSC Frigidaire GSE3WZCBA Frigidaire GSE3WZCBD Frigidaire GSE3WZCBE Frigidaire GSE3WZCCA Frigidaire GSE3WZCCD Frigidaire GSE3WZCQA Frigidaire GSE3WZCQC Frigidaire GSE3WZCQE Frigidaire GSE3WZCSA Frigidaire GSE3WZCSB Frigidaire GSE3WZCSC Frigidaire GSE3WZCSE Frigidaire LEEFM389FEA Frigidaire PLEF398ACB Frigidaire PLEF398ACC Frigidaire PLEF398CCE Frigidaire PLEFM399DCC Frigidaire PLEFMZ99ECG Frigidaire PLEFMZ99ECK Frigidaire PLEFMZ99ECM Frigidaire PLEFMZ99GCC Frigidaire PLEFMZ99GCD Frigidaire PLEFMZ99GCE Frigidaire CGEF3059RFC Frigidaire CGEF3059RFD Frigidaire CGEF3062TDA Frigidaire CGEF3062TDB Frigidaire CGEF3062TDC Frigidaire CGEF3062TDD Frigidaire CGEF3062TDE Frigidaire CGEF3062TFA Frigidaire CGEF3062TFB Frigidaire CGEF3062TFC Frigidaire CGEF3062TFD Frigidaire CGEF3062TFE Frigidaire CGEF3062TFF Frigidaire CPEF3077QFF Frigidaire CPEF3077QFG Frigidaire CPEF3081MFE Frigidaire FGEF3047TDA Frigidaire FGEF3047TFA Frigidaire FPEF3077QFF Frigidaire FPEF3077QFG Frigidaire FPEF3077QFJ Kenmore / Sears 790.96592601 Kenmore / Sears 790.96593601 Kenmore / Sears 790.96599601 Kenmore / Sears 790.98042900 Kenmore / Sears 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