5303281044 Westinghouse Dryer Door Latch Lock NO Light Switch Q622422

5303281044 Westinghouse Dryer Door Latch Lock NO Light Switch Q622422

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Item specifics

  • Model Q622422
  • MPN 5303281044
  • Features NO Light Switch
  • Type Door Latch Lock

Product Description

Normally Close Terminals Width: Terminal 1- 0.25" (F2), Terminal 2- N/A, Terminal 3- 0.25" (F2) Model Reference List

Models: Frigidaire 7007-80C Frigidaire 7007-87C Frigidaire 7007B Frigidaire 7208A Frigidaire 7208B Frigidaire 7289-80 Frigidaire 7289-87 Frigidaire 7308A Frigidaire 7308B Frigidaire 7347A Frigidaire DEDFXW0 Frigidaire DEFW1 Frigidaire DGCSFW1 Frigidaire DGFW1 Frigidaire DEFW0 Frigidaire DGCSFW0 Frigidaire DGFW0 Frigidaire DGIFW0 Frigidaire DGILW1 Frigidaire DEDFXL0 Frigidaire DGCSFL1 Frigidaire DGCSFL0 Frigidaire DGIFL0 Frigidaire DGILL1 Frigidaire DGISFW0 Frigidaire DGISFW1 Frigidaire DEDFW1 Frigidaire DGDFW1 Frigidaire DEDFW0 Frigidaire DGDFW0 Frigidaire DGISFL0 Frigidaire DGISFL1 Frigidaire DEDFH1 Frigidaire DGDFH1 Frigidaire DEDFH0 Frigidaire DGSFW1 Frigidaire DGDFH0 Frigidaire DGSFW0 Frigidaire DEDFL1 Frigidaire DGDFL1 Frigidaire DEDFL0 Frigidaire DGDFL0 Frigidaire DGSFL0 Frigidaire DGSFL1 Frigidaire DEDMFW1 Frigidaire DGDMFW1 Frigidaire DEDMFW0 Frigidaire DGDMFW0 Frigidaire DEDMFH1 Frigidaire DGDMFH1 Frigidaire DEDMFH0 Frigidaire DGDMFH0 Frigidaire DEDMFL1 Frigidaire DGDMFL1 Frigidaire DEDMFL0 Frigidaire DGDMFL0 Frigidaire 8007-80C Frigidaire 8007-87C Frigidaire 8007B Frigidaire 8208A Frigidaire 8208B Frigidaire 8289-80 Frigidaire 8289-87 Frigidaire 8308-80B Frigidaire 8308A Frigidaire 8347A Gibson DE27S6WVFA Gibson DE27S6WVFB Gibson DE27A7WVFX Gibson DE27A7WXFB Gibson DG27A7WVFA Gibson DG27A7WVFX Gibson DG27A7WXFB Gibson DG27S6WVFA Gibson DG27S6WVFB Gibson DE27S6DTMA Gibson DG27S6DTMA Gibson DE27A5WXFC Gibson DE27A5WVFX Gibson DG27A5WXFC Gibson DG27S6DVFA Gibson DG27T3WVFA Gibson DG27T3WVFX Gibson DE27S6YTMA Gibson DG27S6YTMA Gibson DE27T3WVFX Gibson DE27T3WXFB Gibson DG27A5WVFA Gibson DG27A5WVFX Gibson DG27T3WXFB Gibson DE27S6FTMA Gibson DG27S6FTMA Gibson DE27S6WPMC Gibson DG27S6WPMC Gibson DE27S6WTMA Gibson DG27S6WTMA Kelvinator DEA500G1W Kelvinator DGA500G1W Kelvinator DGA700F1W Kelvinator DGA900F1W Kelvinator DEA500F1W Kelvinator DEA700F1W Kelvinator DGT400F1W Kelvinator DGT400F2W Kelvinator DET400F1W Kelvinator DET400F2W Kelvinator DET400F2D Kelvinator DGT400F1D Kelvinator DGT400F2D Kelvinator DET400F1D Kelvinator DEA500G1T Kelvinator DGA500G1J Kelvinator DEA500F1T Kelvinator DEA700F1D Kelvinator DEA500G1D Kelvinator DGA500G1D Kelvinator DGA700F1D Kelvinator DGA900F1D Kelvinator DEA500F1D Kelvinator DEA501G1W Kelvinator DGA500F2W Kelvinator DGA500F1W Kelvinator DGA501G1W Kelvinator DEA500F2W Kelvinator DEA501F1W Kelvinator DEA501G1J Kelvinator DGA500F1T Kelvinator DGA500F2T Kelvinator DGA501G1J Kelvinator DEA500F2D Kelvinator DEA501G1D Kelvinator DGA501G1D Kelvinator DGA500F1D Kelvinator DGA500F2D Kelvinator DEA501F1D Kelvinator DEA500F2T Kelvinator DET400G1W Kelvinator DGA501F2W Kelvinator DGA501F1W Kelvinator DGT400G1W Kelvinator DEA501F2W Kelvinator DEA900F1W Kelvinator DET400G1J Kelvinator DGT400G1J Kelvinator DEA501F2D Kelvinator DET400G1D Kelvinator DGA501F1D Kelvinator DGA501F2D Kelvinator DGT400G1D Kelvinator DEA900F1D Tappan 47-2707-23-01 Tappan 49-2707-23-01 Tappan 47-2828-00-01 Tappan 47-2848-00-02 Tappan 49-2848-00-02 Tappan 49-2827-00-01 Tappan 49-2848-00-01 Tappan 47-2707-00-01 Tappan 49-2707-00-01 Tappan 47-2828-23-01 Tappan 47-2828-23-02 Tappan 49-2827-23-01 Tappan 49-2828-23-02 Tappan 49-2848-23-01 Tappan 47-2848-00-01 Tappan 49-2828-00-01 Tappan 49-2847-00-01 Tappan 47-2848-23-01 Tappan 49-2847-23-01 Tappan 49-2828-23-01 Westinghouse DE500KDW2 Westinghouse DE500KDW3 Westinghouse DE150KDW1 Westinghouse DE150KDW2 Westinghouse DE640KDW3 Westinghouse DG500KXW3 Westinghouse DG600KXW2 Westinghouse DG640KXW3 Westinghouse EDD15A2D5 Westinghouse DE640JDD1 Westinghouse DE400JDD1 Westinghouse DE500KDW1 Westinghouse DE150JDD1 Westinghouse DE661JDD1 Westinghouse DG640JXD1 Westinghouse DG400JXD1 Westinghouse DG600JXD1 Westinghouse DG600KXW1 Westinghouse DE640KDW2 Westinghouse DE500JDW1 Westinghouse DE650KDD1 Westinghouse DG650JXW1 Westinghouse DG500JXW1 Westinghouse DE640KDH2 Westinghouse DE600KDD1 Westinghouse DE640KDD2 Westinghouse DE150EDV5 Westinghouse DE400EDV5 Westinghouse DE600EDH5 Westinghouse DE640KDD1 Westinghouse DE650EDV5 Westinghouse DE700EDH5 Westinghouse DG400EXV5 Westinghouse DG600EXH5 Westinghouse DG650EXV5 Westinghouse DG700EXV5 Westinghouse DE650EDW5 Westinghouse DE150EDW5 Westinghouse DE400EDW5 Westinghouse DG400EXW5 Westinghouse DG650EXW5 Westinghouse DG700EXW5 Westinghouse DE600EDV5 Westinghouse DE700EDV5 Westinghouse DG600EXV5 Westinghouse DE500EDD5 Westinghouse DG500EXD5 Westinghouse DE150KDD1 Westinghouse DE150KDD2 Westinghouse DE500KDH2 Westinghouse DE500KDH3 Westinghouse DE640KDH3 Westinghouse DG500KXH3 Westinghouse DG600KXH2 Westinghouse DG640KXH3 Westinghouse EDD15A2H5 Westinghouse DE400KDW1 Westinghouse DE150JDF1 Westinghouse DE271EDW5 Westinghouse DE400JDF1 Westinghouse DE640JDF1 Westinghouse DE651EDD5 Westinghouse DE661JDH1 Westinghouse DG400JXF1 Westinghouse DG600JXF1 Westinghouse DG640JXF1 Westinghouse DE600EDW5 Westinghouse DE700EDW5 Westinghouse DG600EXW5 Westinghouse DE500EDF5 Westinghouse DG500EXF5 Westinghouse DE500EDH5 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