660741 Whirlpool Dishwasher Float Switch NO 304589

660741 Whirlpool Dishwasher Float Switch NO 304589

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Item specifics

  • Model 304589
  • MPN 660741
  • Features NO
  • Type Float Switch
  • Power 5A
  • Voltage 250VAC
  • Terminal Width 0.25"

Product Description

Model Reference List

Models: Whirlpool DU3000XR0 Whirlpool DU3000XR1 Whirlpool DU9000XR7 Whirlpool DU3000XL0 Whirlpool DU3003XL0 Whirlpool DU6000XR1 Whirlpool DU7200XS2 Whirlpool DU8000XR1 Whirlpool DU8900XT6 Whirlpool DU7200XS1 Whirlpool DU9000XR9 Whirlpool DU4000XR2 Whirlpool DU8900XT2 Whirlpool DU8350XT2 Whirlpool DU2900XM0 Whirlpool DU5000XL0 Whirlpool DU8900XT3 Whirlpool DU5004XM0 Whirlpool DU8000XR0 Whirlpool DU8100XT2 Whirlpool DU8500XT2 Whirlpool DU8900XT4 Whirlpool DU8900XT1 Whirlpool DU6000XR0 Whirlpool DU9000XR5 Whirlpool DU5003XL0 Whirlpool DU7200XS0 Whirlpool DU8300XT0 Whirlpool DU8350XT1 Whirlpool DU8500XT0 Whirlpool DU7400XS0 Whirlpool DU8570XT0 Whirlpool DP6000XRP1 Whirlpool DU7600XS1 Whirlpool DU7600XS2 Whirlpool DU7800XS2 Whirlpool DU7600XS3 Whirlpool DU7903XL0 Whirlpool DU8300XT3 Whirlpool DU8500XT1 Whirlpool DU8750XT1 Whirlpool DU8750XT3 Whirlpool DU8950XT1 Whirlpool DU2000XS0 Whirlpool DU4000XR1 Whirlpool DU5500XR0 Whirlpool DU7400XS2 Whirlpool DU7400XS3 Whirlpool DU7800XS3 Whirlpool DU8100XT1 Whirlpool DU8500XT3 Whirlpool DU8570XT2 Whirlpool DU8900XT5 Whirlpool DP6881XLP0 Whirlpool DU4000XL0 Whirlpool DU4000XR0 Whirlpool DU5500XR1 Whirlpool DU7216XS1 Whirlpool DU7400XS4 Whirlpool DU7600XS0 Whirlpool DU7800XS1 Whirlpool DU8100XT0 Whirlpool DU8300XT1 Whirlpool DU8550XT1 Whirlpool DU8700XT0 Whirlpool DU8900XT0 Whirlpool DU8950XT0 Whirlpool DU9000XR0 Whirlpool DU9000XR3 Whirlpool DP3000XRN3 Whirlpool DP6881XLP1 Whirlpool DP8350XVN2 Whirlpool DP8700XTN1 Whirlpool DU4003XL0 Whirlpool DU4003XL1 Whirlpool DU7216XS2 Whirlpool DU8550XT2 Whirlpool DU8750XT0 Whirlpool DU9000XR4 Whirlpool DP6000XRP0 Whirlpool DP8500XTN0 Whirlpool DP8500XTN2 Whirlpool DP8700XTN2 Whirlpool DP8700XTN3 Whirlpool DU3016XL0 Whirlpool DU3040XP0 Whirlpool DU5004XM1 Whirlpool DU5004XM2 Whirlpool DU6000XR4 Whirlpool DU7200XS3 Whirlpool DU7400XS1 Whirlpool DU8350XT0 Whirlpool DU8350XT4 Whirlpool DU8500XT5 Whirlpool DU8550XT4 Whirlpool DU8550XT5 Whirlpool DU8700XT1 Whirlpool DU8700XT2 Whirlpool DU8750XT2 Whirlpool DU8900XL0 Whirlpool DU8950XT3 Whirlpool DU9200XT2 Whirlpool DU9500XS0 Whirlpool DU9500XS2 Whirlpool DU9500XS3 Whirlpool SHU30041 Whirlpool SHU50043 Whirlpool DP3880XMW0 Whirlpool DP8350XVN0 Whirlpool DP8350XVN1 Whirlpool DP8500XTN5 Whirlpool DU1098XRW0 Whirlpool DU3014XL0 Whirlpool DU3016XR0 Whirlpool DU4040XP0 Whirlpool DU4500XM0 Whirlpool DU5003XL1 Whirlpool DU5504XM0 Whirlpool DU7200XS5 Whirlpool DU7500XL0 Whirlpool DU7800XS0 Whirlpool DU8300XT2 Whirlpool DU8500XT4 Whirlpool DU8700XT5 Whirlpool DU9000XR8 Whirlpool DU9200XT1 Whirlpool DU9200XT4 Whirlpool DU9400XT1 Whirlpool DU9700XR0 Whirlpool DU9700XR3 Whirlpool DU9900XL0 Whirlpool DU9903XL1 Whirlpool GSHF7801W0 Whirlpool GSHF7804W0 Whirlpool SHU80041 Whirlpool 1233W0A Whirlpool 1234W0A Whirlpool 1333W1A Whirlpool 1413W1A Whirlpool 1424W0A Whirlpool 1453W0A Whirlpool 1463W0A Whirlpool 1463W1A Whirlpool 1463W2A Whirlpool DP1098XRN0 Whirlpool DP1098XRN1 Whirlpool DP1098XRW0 Whirlpool DP1098XRW1 Whirlpool DP3000XRG0 Whirlpool DP3000XRN0 Whirlpool DP3000XRN1 Whirlpool DP3000XRN2 Whirlpool DP3000XRN4 Whirlpool DP3000XRN6 Whirlpool DP3000XRW0 Whirlpool DP3000XRW1 Whirlpool DP3800XLW0 Whirlpool DP3800XLW1 Whirlpool DP3801XLW0 Whirlpool DP3840XPN0 Whirlpool DP3840XPN1 Whirlpool DP3840XPN2 Whirlpool DP4800XMW0 Whirlpool DP4800XSG0 Whirlpool DP4800XSN0 Whirlpool DP4800XSW0 Whirlpool DP6000XRP2 Whirlpool DP6880XLP0 Whirlpool DP6880XLP1 Whirlpool DP8500XTN1 Whirlpool DP8500XTN3 Whirlpool DP8500XTN4 Whirlpool DP8700XTN0 Whirlpool DP8700XTN4 Whirlpool DP8700XTN5 Whirlpool DP8700XTW2 Whirlpool DU1098XLW0 Whirlpool DU1098XLW1 Whirlpool DU1098XRW1 Whirlpool DU1099XT0 Whirlpool DU1099XT1 Whirlpool DU1099XT2 Whirlpool DU1099XT3 Whirlpool DU2016XS0 Whirlpool DU2916XM0 Whirlpool DU2919XM0 Whirlpool DU3000XL1 Whirlpool DU3000XR2 Whirlpool DU3014XL1 Whirlpool DU3016XR1 Whirlpool DU3040XP1 Whirlpool DU3040XP2 Whirlpool DU4040XP1 Whirlpool DU4040XP2 Whirlpool DU4500XR0 Whirlpool DU4500XR1 Whirlpool DU4500XR2 Whirlpool DU5000XL1 Whirlpool DU5040XP0 Whirlpool DU5040XP1 Whirlpool DU5040XP2 Whirlpool DU5500XL0 Whirlpool DU5500XL1 Whirlpool DU5503XL0 Whirlpool DU7200XS4 Whirlpool DU7216XS0 Whirlpool DU7216XS3 Whirlpool DU7216XS5 Whirlpool DU7400X5-0 Whirlpool DU7400XS5 Whirlpool DU7400XS6 Whirlpool DU7500XR0 Whirlpool DU7500XR1 Whirlpool DU7500XR2 Whirlpool DU7503XL0 Whirlpool DU7600XS6 Whirlpool DU7770XS0 Whirlpool DU7800XS6 Whirlpool DU7900XL0 Whirlpool DU8000XR2 Whirlpool DU8100XT3 Whirlpool DU8100XT4 Whirlpool DU8116XT0 Whirlpool DU8116XT1 Whirlpool DU8116XT2 Whirlpool DU8116XT3 Whirlpool DU8116XT4 Whirlpool DU8300XT4 Whirlpool DU8300XT5 Whirlpool DU8350XT3 Whirlpool DU8550XT0 Whirlpool DU8550XT3 Whirlpool DU8570XT1 Whirlpool DU8700XT3 Whirlpool DU8700XT4 Whirlpool DU8903XL0 Whirlpool DU8950XT2 Whirlpool DU9000XR1 Whirlpool DU9000XR2 Whirlpool DU9000XR6 Whirlpool DU9100XT0 Whirlpool DU9100XT1 Whirlpool DU9100XT4 Whirlpool DU9200XT0 Whirlpool DU9200XT3 Whirlpool DU9400XT0 Whirlpool DU9400XT4 Whirlpool DU9450XT0 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