DG32-00002B Samsung Oven Range Temperature Probe Sensor 2087461

DG32-00002B Samsung Oven Range Temperature Probe Sensor 2087461

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  • Model 2087461
  • MPN DG32-00002B
  • Features Sensor
  • Type Temperature Probe

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Models: Samsung FCQ321HTUB/XAA-00 Samsung FCQ321HTUB/XAA-0000 Samsung FCQ321HTUW/XAA-00 Samsung FCQ321HTUW/XAA-0000 Samsung FCQ321HTUX/XAA-00 Samsung FCQ321HTUX/XAA-0000 Samsung FE-N500WX/XAA-00 Samsung FE-N500WX/XAA-0000 Samsung FE710DRS/XAA-0001 Samsung FE710DRS/XAA-01 Samsung FE710DRS/XAA-02 Samsung FE710DRS/XAA-03 Samsung FER300SB/XAA-00 Samsung FER300SB/XAA-0000 Samsung FER300SB/XAB Samsung FER300SW/XAA-00 Samsung FER300SW/XAA-0000 Samsung FER300SW/XAC Samsung FER300SX/XAA-00 Samsung FER300SX/XAA-0000 Samsung FER300SX/XAC Samsung FTQ307NWGX/XAA-00 Samsung FTQ307NWGX/XAA-01 Samsung FTQ352IWUB/XAA-00 Samsung FTQ352IWUB/XAA-0000 Samsung FTQ352IWUB/XAA-0001 Samsung FTQ352IWUB/XAA-0002 Samsung FTQ352IWUB/XAA-0003 Samsung FTQ352IWUB/XAA-01 Samsung FTQ352IWUB/XAA-02 Samsung FTQ352IWUB/XAA-03 Samsung FTQ352IWUW/XAA-0000 Samsung FTQ352IWUW/XAA-0001 Samsung FTQ352IWUW/XAA-0002 Samsung FTQ352IWUW/XAA-0003 Samsung FTQ352IWUW/XAA-01 Samsung FTQ352IWUW/XAA-02 Samsung FTQ352IWUW/XAA-03 Samsung 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